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Here you can see where is Thailand and Pattaya
Here you can see where is Thailand and Pattaya

Thailand The Kingdom of Thailand is in the center of the south-east Asian region. It is a country with a strong developing index with about 64.000.000 people. 12.000.000 of them live in and around the capital: Bangkok.. 140 km south east from Bangkok you can find Pattaya and the rooms for rent.

Important Note In Thailand the Covid-19 situation is under control but the border are closed. Before buying an air ticket please consult with your nearest Thai embassy.

Climate Thailand is a tropical country, the weather is under the monsoon influence. From June till October the winds blow from south-west and the carry lots of rain but still many days of nice sun are available. Pattaya enjoy a sort of microclima that reduce the raining day but in October can be vary rainy as well. In the other month winds blow from north-east. The temperature are quite high, around 77 and 96 °F degrees (25 - 36 °C).

Religion The religion in Thailand is the Buddhism (95% of the population). The most important religious figure is usual a member of the royal family. The King is fully respected, they expect you also do. All the men of Buddhist family spent at least 2 days, (sometimes also month!) in a wat (monastery).

Thailand today Thailand is a well-developed nation. It can no longer be defined as a third world country. Infrastructures such as roads, transport and hospitals are good. It has an area of 514,000 square kilometers and 64,000,000 inhabitants (Italy: surface 300,000 sq. Km, inhabitants 60,000,000, Switzerland: about one tenth: surface 41,000 sq. Km, inhabitants 7,500,000). There are large plains, highlands and mountainous areas with peaks that rarely exceed 1800 meters s.l.m.

Language The spoken language is Thai, an ancient Sino-Tibetan language derived from Sanskrit. The alphabet is composed of about fifty completely different symbols from ours to regulate the difficult speech intonations. English is not widespread, but in Thai tourism areas the Thai can manage down a bit. The visitor never finds it difficult to travel and stay in Thailand: it is the most visited destination in Southeast Asia. In addition to their alphabet, you will find advertising signs, publications, magazines and street signs in English

Money The Baht (Thailand's coin/money) One Baht is worth 0.025 Euro. Hard to calculate, but easy to reverse: 1 Euro = 40 Baht.
Therefore, the 10 Baht coin corresponds at approximately 25 Cents/Euro. The coins are in 25 cents, 50 cents, 1 baht, 2 baht, 5 baht, 10 baht and the here a small guide (approximate) for the paper banknotes:

  • 20 Baht = 50 Cents/Euro
  • 50 Baht = 1.25 Euro
  • 100 Baht = 2.5 Euros
  • 500 Baht = 12.5 Euros
  • 1000 Baht = 25 Euro
Let's not forget, however, that the value tends to oscillate daily. Check the today value: THB?

TipThe Thai people do not use the tip but they are waiting it from the tourists. In the restaurants and bars 10 Baht are enough, 20 if the restaurant is more expensive or you are in a small group. Start with 20 baht when you need to drink in nightclubs. In expensive restaurants, leave a plentiful tip.

Some Thailand pictures and images:

Floating Market Pattaya market Pattaya market Pattaya market Monsoon Thai Fast food Praying Shopping Shopping Shopping in Bangkok Shopping center Street food Rice in Thailand Sea food Transport means Transportation Thai tuk tuk beach in thailand Songrand festival Songrand festival Songrand festival Bangkok in the night Bangkok view Bangkok view

Note Please come and enjoy your holiday and visit Thailand. While visiting Thailand you can rent a room in Pattaya and use it as a base for your traveling.