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Rooms for rent Pattaya
Very easy to locate rooms for rent Pattaya
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Very easy to locate rooms for rent Pattaya

Rooms for rent in Pattaya is in the condominium View Talay 1, building A.

We can organize everything (almost) for your room and your staying. The cleaning of the room you rent, renting a motorbike if you feel like, take care of your laundry and also find a taxi for your next destination!

Contract here an example of the rent contract:

Rental Agreement for room

Name and last name:
Passport number: 1234567 Nation: USA
TM card number: TM1234567

The room is rented from 1/1/2017 to 31/1/2017

The rental fee is 10,000 baht a month day week to pay every month day week on the 1

The Tenant agreed to permit to the Landlord or his agents to enter into the room for the purpose of inspecting its condition at any reasonable time; the tenant must take proper care of the room and fixtures. The tenant is responsible for any loss or damage to the premise caused by the tenant himself or people that will go in to the room; the Tenant cannot sublet to any person; the Tenant will pay for electricity and water on the consumption, the meter as been checked today in Tenant presence as follows:

Power: 1234567

Water: 1234567

The Tenant will also follow all the rules of the complex where the room is located. A deposit is taken: 5,000 baht
The room is for holiday purpose and no more than 2 persons. In case of any delay on pay the rental fee the room will be locked and the belongings put outside the room.
Agreed: signed
This is not a receipt. For any payment a separate receipt will be given

Payment the payment of the room must be done at the beginning of the rent period.
To avoid misunderstanding we don't accept advance money transfer from new customers. Only already customers can transfer money in advance. You are welcome to see the room and pay on the spot.

Sorry we don't accept debit card, credit card, cheques, Paypal or other means different than cash. Thank you for understand.

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Note when you rent a room with us you can use the contract for Thai Immigration in case you need something from them.